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“Recognized by the Community as its greatest asset, the Leicester Schools engage every child in rigorous student-centered learning in a safe and technology rich environment.”

Please check back later this week for the date of the next School Building Committee meeting

8/28/19 PROJECT UPDATE: The Board of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has voted to approve the Town of Leicester to proceed into Schematic Design as the next phase in the project to replace the Leicester Primary School, Leicester Memorial Elementary School and the Leicester Middle School with a new PK-8 school facility on the existing Leicester Middle School site. The MSBA Board letter can be viewed here.

8/05/19 PROJECT UPDATE: The presentation which was made at the School Committee Retreat on July 30, 2019 has been posted. Also note that at the end of August, the MSBA will be voting to approve the project to move forward into Schematic Design. Stay tuned for more information.

6/28/19 PROJECT UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who came out on a beautiful summer evening to attend the joint meeting of the School Building Committee, School Committee, Finance Advisory Committee, Select Board and Planning Board. Hearing concerns and suggestions from the Committees and Boards is a great way to gain consensus and build momentum for the project as we move forward! For those who were unable to attend or, if you would like to review the presentation in more detail, the complete 6/27/19 meeting presentation, as well as the 4/01/19 Geotech Report, are posted to the project website. Also note that the first official submission to the MSBA – the Preliminary Design Program (PDP), was made on 4/16/19.

We are pleased to announce that the turnout was amazing on May 21 at the first public forum for the new Leicester School Building project!  Thank you so much for coming out and joining us on such a beautiful evening.  Attendees were very engaged and the feedback we received will be extremely helpful in guiding the project team through next steps making this project a success. We are working to document answers to the many thoughtful questions which were asked. The intent is to prepare an FAQ document which will be available this summer. As discussed, there is upcoming submission scheduled to the MSBA in early July. Post summer, we will circle back with the community for additional feedback as we continue on the path to create a new school building which promises to an be asset for the Town of Leicester for many years to come.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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We are pleased to inform you that the Leicester School Building Project has hit the ground running!  The consultant team has been established, including the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) NV5 and the Designer, Finegold Alexander Architects – and the Feasibility Study phase is well underway!  The Leicester Middle School project team is excited to be engaged with the Leicester School Building Committee (SBC) as well as members of the community as information continues to be gathered, which will ultimately result in determining the preferred option for the Leicester School Building Project.

The project team submitted the PDP (Preliminary Design Program) to the MSBA on April 16! The PDP included concept diagrams which are very early diagrams intended to show options for siting, building size, shape and approach. Please note that at this very early stage in the design process, these drawings do not reflect program layout adjacencies and details. These concept diagrams were presented to the School Building Committee on March 21, 2019.

Educational Visioning Workshops

Note: A series of three (3) Educational Visioning Workshops recently took place, at the Leicester Middle School. The workshops were led by the Architect’s educational programming consultant, David Stephen, of NewVista Design. All participants were fully engaged and lots of great information was gathered to help establish Design Priorities and Guiding Principles which will assist the project team in creating a road map to design a new facility! Documents from the workshops (including agendas, notes, presentations and photos) have been posted and can be viewed on this website under the “Presentations” tab. 

Project Schedule And Historical Information

For those who have been following the project, the Town of Leicester was invited by the MSBA into the Eligibility Period back in February of 2017. Progress Timeline has been created showing the many steps which have transpired including the Eligibility Period, Forming the Project Team and Feasibility Study/Schematic Design (current phase) as well as projected dates through Town Approval and Funding in May 2020.

Information can be found here about the Feasibility Study performed in 2015 as well as supporting documents including a Video and Pictures of the Middle School, Community Presentation and Letters and Documentation.

Note: Please read a letter from the MSBA about the closure of the Leicester Memorial Elementary School. The School Committee is scheduled to vote on January 22, 2019.

Remember to check this website frequently for upcoming meeting information as well as past meeting minutes and presentations and general project updates. For project inquiries, please contact:

David Genereux, Town Administrator, at (508) 892-7077 or genereuxd@leicesterma.org or

Marilyn Tencza, School Superintendent, at (508) 892-7040 or tenczam@lpsma.net

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