What happens during the Schematic Design phase?

During Schematic Design, the District and its team collaborate with the MSBA to develop a robust schematic design of sufficient detail to establish the scope, budget, and schedule upon which to evaluate the basis for a proposed project, secure approval of the Proposed Project by the Board, receive Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approval of the Proposed Project for delivery of the District’s special educational program, and obtain local authorization and financial support.
Known as Module 4, the Schematic Design phase begins with the MSBA Board’s approval of the District’s preferred solution and concludes with the Board’s authorization of the MSBA’s Executive Director to enter into a Project Scope and Budget Agreement and a Project Funding Agreement with the District for a specific project scope, budget and schedule. 

The final Schematic Design package was submitted to the MSBA on 2/13/20.  A Board approval is anticipated on 4/15/20.